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Carnivale of Colour - Art Show - May 2010

The Art Show returned to Wilston State School during the Carnivale of Colour weekend. At the Red Dot Preview Party on the evening of Friday 21 May 2010 art works were for sale and collaborative art works (either per year level or per class) were auctioned. Art works were exhibited during Saturday 22 May 2010.

This year, in 2010, we had a large number of known and emerging artists.

Some of the exciting artworks exhibited this year included:

Jewellery was bigger than Ben Hur in 2010, featuring thirteen jewellers - seven of them from the Queensland College of Art, one from New Zealand and one from the Gold Coast. A repeat appearance by Wilston mum Anna Leyshon, whose silverwork was so popular last time, and Bronwyn Newport who works with Spanish pearls, jet and Swarovski crystal hand knotted in leather. Moira Lockhart with her beautiful handmade gold and silver pieces, this lady has made Faberge eggs for clients previously.


After the last red dot has been put on and the last painting has been taken down, the tireless efforts of our volunteers for the Public Art component of the Art Show deserve recognition.

Firstly, to my dedicated team. They say that you give a busy person a job if you want to get it done and these are all busy women who cheerfully gave countless hours of work – Sandra Eaton, Linda Rich, Helen Higgins and Elizabeth Herron. The Art Show would not have been possible without their help and effort which has enriched our school for all our children.

Thanks to the early morning dads who shifted panels at 6.30am – Greg Purcell, Rod Andersen, Peter Dwyer and Warren Kirby.

Thank you to all the following people who helped from hanging the art, selling the art and sending it all away again:- Erin Harris, Angela Smith, Maria Berriman, Ange Hueppauff, Katie Foxcroft, Nigel Dowling, Karen Dowling, Helen Grant, Michelle Robson, Kerryn Knights, Sally Spork, Louise Sparke, Michelle Govan, Sue Aspinall, Rachel Garraway, Katie Wilson, Wendy Brownscombe, Gabrielle Smith, Jennifer Dietz, Anita Chesterman, Stu Garraway, Chris Ford, Ian Knights, Brad Robson, Jenny McLaurie, Ray Garraway and Frith Graham.

Special mention to the students who also did a marvelous and willing job with all sorts of tasks: Matilda Dwyer, Zach Greening, Zahra Knights, Joe Dwyer, Annabella Eaton, Isabelle Higgins, Tom Greening, Zoe Garraway, Sandy Garraway, Will Hueppauff, James Hueppauff, Emily Chesterman, Cailin Dowling, Abby Knights and Lucille Crawford.

Our teachers also made a wonderful contribution manning the Old Library and Children’s Art. Many thanks for giving up their time - Joanne Bayne, Robyn Hogan, Jo Kennedy, Wendy Green, Sandra Turnbull, Madonna Casey, Tamie Lea, Susie Kewley, Lynne Krista, Therese Brandt, Deborah Manley, Melissa Gee and Chris Robertson.

Special mention goes to two people who have been dedicated to the cause. Firstly, Gavin Reiger, who has been brilliant in accommodating all our requests, however difficult. He is an invaluable asset to our school.

Secondly, Jenny McLaurie, who has been unstintingly patient to work with and a tremendous support to myself and the whole committee. The school would have missed out on this event without her drive and commitment.

Lastly, to all our families who were either roped in or took up the slack in the rest of our lives, a heartfelt thanks for all the disruption. On a personal note, this is my last art show. The admiration that I have for parents of our community who constantly place the benefit to their children ahead in their lives is inspiring. I appreciate the camaraderie built through these events which strengthens this school for all of our children. Being involved has far more benefits and brings satisfaction in a good job done by all at the end of the day.

Please look out next week for further “thank yous” to the Party Team, Jewellery Team, Children’s Art and Sponsorship Team.

Nadine Dwyer. Public Art Convenor