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Terms and conditions:

By signing this form, I hereby grant written permission for my child to be signed out of Wilston Kids Care to attend and be in the legal care of the activity (vendor) specified below.  This permission is only granted for the designated days/times for these activities nominated on this form.

I acknowledge and understand the below terms and conditions:

  • Wilston Kids Care is not responsible for supervising or overseeing my child/ren whilst they are actively participating in extra-curricular activities. Once we sign your child/ren out of WKC, the responsibility of care falls to the external vendor you have authorised them to go to.  WKC only becomes responsible for their care again, once they return to WKC and are signed back into our service, after attending the external vendor’s activity.


  • I understand that it is my responsibility (as Parent/Guardian) to ensure that my child/ren is appropriately equipped with the necessary items for their activity.  This includes the provision of swimming attire if applicable. If children need additional support with dressing into swim wear the pool staff will be responsible for this once the child arrives before their lesson. Children can then get dressed privately in the dressing shed facilities located at the pool before returning to WKC.  Any requests about support with helping to dress must be given to the pool directly.


  • While Wilston Kids Care will make every effort to facilitate children's participation in their chosen extra-curricular activities, it is important to recognise that WKC's primary focus is the operation of its OSHC business/Program. From time to time our business needs may affect our ability to get children on time to extracurricular activities offered by the external vendor. These activities are NOT offered or run by Wilston Kids Care. Because you are booked in with WKC, this allows your child the ability to attend. We simply offer assistance to remind your child/ren to go to their activity Grade 1-6 and for Preps we drop off and pick up (only).


  • An Educator will be assigned to facilitate the sign-in and sign-out process for children attending extra-curricular activities. Preps (only) will be escorted to and from their activities by this Educator, while Grades 1 – 6 will be expected to travel independently to and from the activities, returning to Wilston Kids Care to be signed in at the activity list checkpoint located in the undercover area. The Educator is not responsible for helping children check bags, dress children, or gather equipment. The Educator’s job is simply to sign children in and out and escort Prep children to and from their designated activity. They then report back to WKC to organise other children for other activities.

Please note that this service is offered as a courtesy service, free from any additional charges. WKC's primary responsibility remains the well-being and care of its own OSHC bookings and enrolments. Authorisers need to understand that there may be instances where our commitment to WKC's business unit takes precedence over external vendor arrangements.

External vendors have nothing to do with us as these activities are offered out by the School.

As the swimming pool is a P&C operated service, we work together and closely with the pool to ensure your child arrives there on time to their lesson. The Pool will oversee this task of supporting children to get dressed if needed, as the child/ren are legally under their care during swimming lessons.

Parents/Guardians Responsibilities:

To ensure a smooth process, parents/guardians are required to:

  • Update extra-curricular activity information and notify Wilston Kids Care promptly in writing regarding any changes related to your child's extra-curricular activities. Failure to do so may result in outdated information, leading to potential issues such as sending your child/ren to the wrong activity at the incorrect time. Without this form we will not be legally allowed to send your child.


  • Withdrawal from Extracurricular Activities: It is the Parent/Guardians responsibility to inform Wilston Kids Care if your child/ren will no longer be participating in an extra-curricular activity, including the conclusion of an activity (e.g., Gala day training completed for the year). Please email for such notifications.


  • Early Collection of Child: Parents and guardians must communicate via the Extracurricular Activity Permission Form if you intend to collect your child before the completion of their activity, especially if you had initially indicated that they would return to Wilston Kids Care. This information is vital for ensuring your child's safety and tracking their whereabouts.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide the best support for your child during extracurricular activities. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Administration Team.

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