We are excited to announce our Service has a Wilston Kids Care Facebook Page so families attending WKC, the school and the wider community can share in our learning and leisure experiences and absorb information about our special and unique Outside School Hours Care Service. 

The Senior Management Team will be monitoring and moderating the Facebook page and we encourage all families to follow us to share in our journey. This will be a convenient way for you to access information about the Service as well as learn about the leisure and learning experiences and events happening throughout the year.

We have considered the aspects of cyber safety and made sure our teaching team have the knowledge and skills to ensure we are cyber safe. Wilston Kids Care takes security very seriously. Content we add, will only be about the leisure and learning, Service events and educating the community about how Outside School Hours Care works.  This in turn gains us a following and provides us a platform to educate, promote and engage the wider community about our educational facility. Most Childcare Centres and Outside School Hours Care Services now do this as it is a contemporary approach to communicating instant information providing opportunity for immediate engagement and response from families. 

Our Facebook page will also have a code of conduct approach in place.  It is not a place for grievance, complaints or raising inappropriate topics of discussion. It is a place to share our love of learning and leisure for our precious children and their families who attend Wilston Kids Care.

With your permission, we would love to use educational photos promoting learning and leisure events occurring at the Service and showcase our amazing facility.  Images taken by Educators are used in the same spirit as the ones used currently in Newsletters, Website, displays around the Service and our One Child digital documentation platform.