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Thank you for enquiring about Enrolment at Wilston Kids Care. This page guides you through the steps to secure successful enrolment at our OSHC Service.

Please click the "enrol here” button to complete your online Enrolment Form. Please ensure you have listed all parents/guardians as well as two additional emergency (authorised) contacts for your child.


Enrolment - Conditions of Entry into Wilston Kids Care

Before and After School Care

All families requesting enrolment at Wilston Kids Care must have a child/ren enrolled and attending Wilston State School. As a P&C operated service our priority during Term Time is the Wilston State School students.

Vacation Care

All children enrolled at Wilston State School have the highest priority for enrolment into Vacation Care before consideration is given to outside (of WSS) enrolment requests. This is based on availability due to our high numbers and if we can facilitate the request. 

Enrolment and Expression of Interest

Enrolments for 2024 are currently open. If you are interested in enroling for 2025, please click the blue 2025 Expression of Interest button.

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Please note, if you have other children enrolled at Wilston Kids Care, the Parent/Guardian details you enter must match those listed on your account details in your Xplor Home app (including capital letters). If you key in the details incorrectly and they don’t match your current details, it will create a duplicate account and system errors for you.

Whilst completing your Enrolment Form you will need to outline any permanent booking requests for your child/ren. All booking requests will be confirmed in writing by a member of our Administration Team before the booking can begin. If you require casual or Vacation Care days these are booked in via the Xplor Home app, more information on booking these days will be outlined during your Orientation.

To Ensure Successful Enrolment to Wilston Kids Care

Once you have followed the above criteria, to have a successful enrolment you need to do the following:

  • Fill out the Enrolment Form and wait for us to review it.

  • After we review it, we may come back and clarify information with you. Once we have clarified all the information, we will send you a formal enrolment offer in writing.

  • Once we send the formal enrolment offer in writing, you have 5 business days to respond and accept in writing.

  • Once you accept in writing, we will then invite you to participate in an orientation. Please read the section below, to learn what is required with our orientations. 

Completion of all of this (including the Orientation) is a condition of entry into Wilston Kids Care.


For all new children enrolling into Wilston Kids Care a parent or guardian must complete an orientation. With Orientations, you will only be invited to undertake after you have received and confirmed a formal offer of Enrolment. 

As part of our COVID Safe Plan, we will be conducting these orientations via Zoom. This means that you can complete the orientation in the comfort of your own home and manage the care of your children.

Please click the "Book your Orientation" button to book into one of our scheduled Group Orientation sessions. If there are none available, please email

Please note, all new enrolments must complete an orientation before their child/ren can begin at the Service. To ensure our legal and compliance obligations, children cannot commence at the Service until their family has been formally orientated about the Service’s operational requirements.

Completion of all an Orientation is a condition of entry into Wilston Kids Care.

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