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The world is surging ahead with technically savvy students, and Wilston, along with many state and private schools, are keeping pace by providing STEM learning programs in the form of robotics.

Not all children will want to be a scientist, engineer or a mathematician, but all children like to create. The support group invites and encourages all students to be technically aware and engaged in STEM to extend their creativity and have fun whilst learning.

We provide the opportunity to do this by teaching, supporting and guiding them with the resources that inspire our young thinkers to evolve. Our students problem solve using science, use their hands and minds to engineer, they calculate using math, showing how accuracy makes a difference.  Our tools are technology, programming and robots, which combines all the disciplines in a fun and team orientated environment.

We introduce hands on learning using Lego and its technical application EV3 Mindstorms. for year 4, 5 and 6. Our budding young achievers are motivated to demonstrate, excited to learn new ways, will challenge themselves in competitions and will compete on platforms to shine amongst others.

We as parents need to be aware of our child’s skills and help support them through their educational journey.  To be aware of emerging trends in the real world, we can provide the opportunity for students to explore a potential career path that may be a hidden gem if not explored.

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