2019 September-October Vacation Care Excursion details

Please click on the buttons below to view the full details for each excursion your child is attending. After viewing the details for each excursion please complete one permission form below the buttons per child.


All permission forms must be submitted by C.O.B 20th September 2019. 

Terms and conditions:

I acknowledge and accept that this form is my authorised written permission for my child to leave Wilston Kids Care (WKC) to attend the excursion specified above.

I acknowledge and accept that my typed name represents my written signature and authorisation.

​I acknowledge and accept that I am listed on the child’s Enrolment Form as a Parent or Authorised Person

I have read all of the details provided and acknowledge and accept that I can access the Excursion Risk Assessment at the Service

The contact details, including all emergency contact details, listed on my child’s Enrolment Form are up-to-date. If not, I have provided the updated contact details above.