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About Our Leadership Team

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Raeleen Wren

General Manager/ Nominated Supervisor- Advanced Diploma of Community Services (Children's Services) 

Raeleen has extensive experience as an Education Professional with over 25 years’ experience in both the Early Education sector and Outside School Hours Care Sector. Raeleen has worked extensively in these spaces undertaking a multitude of positions ranging from childcare assistant right through to National Executive level. Raeleen has spent the last 11 years in various senior level leadership roles. Whilst working as the General Manager of Wilston Kids Care Raeleen has also been appointed as a Director of the QCAN & NOASHA Boards which are the peak body for the Outside School Hours Care Sector in Queensland and Australia. Raeleen has worked in private, publicly listed, and community not-for-profit sectors managing and leading multiple early education services on behalf of private owners, companies, and investors. Raeleen also has extensive experience in providing operational and business consultation to Approved Providers/owners of both established and start up Services.   

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Emma Bannerman

Coordinator of Operations- Diploma of School Age Education and Care  

Emma Bannerman has worked at Wilston Kids Care for over 10 years.  Emma has acquired extensive operational experience over this time in a multitude of roles within both the Early Years and Outside School Hours Care space.  Emma started as an Educator and has progressively worked hard, being promoted during this time, and now sits as the Coordinator of Operations assisting the General Manager to manage the operations at Wilston Kids Care. Emma holds a Diploma of School Aged Education and Care and specialises in operational knowledge, staffing arrangements and professional development opportunities for our team.  Emma is a great role model, coach, and mentor for the staff at WKC and spends many hours working hands-on with staff coaching them to achieve their professional goals. Emma’s passion for providing positive learning outcomes for children in a natural play-based environment, drives Emma when creating professional development opportunities team. Emma has been involved in the Wilston community and is committed to providing high quality learning opportunities and care for all children that attend Wilston Kids Care each and every day.

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Ashley Gregori

Coordinator (Community Engagement & Operations Support) - Diploma of School Age Education and Care

Ashley comes to Wilston Kids care from a private school OSHC Service, working in the role as a “Responsible Person” undertaking the duties of a Coordinator in a catholic school system. Ashley has been undertaking this role for several years and was excited for an opportunity to come over to a fast-paced Super Service to work with a team of like minded professionals, to oversee and support the Before and After School Care and Vacation Care sessions.

Ashley has an impressive background undertaking study in a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, Bachelor of Language and Linguistics and undertaken a Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching Management, at the Australian College of Dance. Ashley currently teaches part time in Dance Teaching Management and works directly and facilitates opportunities for children with additional and supported needs to participate in dance class. Ashley’s extensive experience within these sectors has allowed her to provide high quality education and care and support and continue to provide high quality care and support to all children and families here at Wilston Kids Care.


Jason Choice

Coordinator/Educational Leader- Diploma off School Aged Education and Care

Jason has diverse amount of experience and expertise working in customer service sectors and the Outside School Hours Care sector for the last five years. Jason has worked at Wilston Kids Care since 2016 and has progressed through a number of different positions from Educator, to Educator Mentor, Education Support and he now holds the Educational Leader role. 

Jason comes to us with a very diverse and varied background with interests in circus, flying trapeze and e-sports. As an Educator Mentor, Jason created the now famous E-Sports Club that cultivates an environment for children to participate in healthy competition, winning and losing, and learning good sportsmanship in a non-sporting environment. 

Jason has a passion for an inquiry based Curriculum where the children have opportunities to explore, navigate and examine the endless possibilities on offer to learn through play in a school aged setting. 


Alyssa Koina 

Assistant Coordinator

Alyssa has served as the Coordinator at PCYC, where she spearheaded their extensive Gymnastics Program and assumed responsibility for its overall management. Her duties included overseeing coach scheduling, crafting lesson plans tailored to children of various ages, and adeptly resolving any operational challenges that arose. With a wealth of experience in personnel management and family communication, Alyssa has consistently demonstrated her leadership prowess.

With a commendable tenure of 6 years working with children ranging from 18 months to mid-teens, Alyssa embodies a deep commitment to cultivating a vibrant, inclusive learning atmosphere. Her dedication to fostering positivity and inclusivity is underscored by her exceptional communication skills and adeptness at team coordination, ensuring seamless operational functionality. Alyssa's adeptness in forging meaningful partnerships with schools further highlights her capacity for building valuable community relationships.


Dan Breen

Assistant Coordinator - Bachelor of General Educational Studies

With an impressive tenure spanning over 17 years in the Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) sector, Dan brings a wealth of expertise and versatility to the table. His journey within the industry has seen him evolve through various pivotal roles, including Educator, Assistant Coordinator, Coordinator, and Area Coordinator. Throughout his career, Dan has honed a diverse array of skills that uniquely position him as an ideal candidate for the Assistant Coordinator position at Wilston Kids Care. Beyond his proficiency in traditional childcare roles, Dan has also garnered extensive experience as an Educational Leader.              

In this capacity, he has demonstrated a keen aptitude for curriculum development, adeptly crafting engaging and enriching programs tailored to the needs and interests of children under his care. Dan's multifaceted skill set, coupled with his proven track record of innovation and excellence within the OSHC sector positions him as a valuable asset to the Wilston Kids Care team, poised to make meaningful contributions to the organisation's mission and vision.

About Our Educator Team


At Wilston Kids Care we understand that Outside School Hours Care offers rich and unique leisure and play-based learning opportunities for school-aged children. When supported by a safe and secure environment where each child's rights and ideas are valued, children are able to flourish into confident, caring, and effective learners and members of their community under the charge of our highly skilled and experienced Educators.

Wilston Kids Care has an experienced and diverse educator team made up of unique and interesting people representing different cultures and backgrounds, who are experienced and have particular expertise in working with school-aged children.  Our team has various qualifications with over 50% of our team being determined as 2-year qualified Educators ensuring we more than fulfilled the compliance requirements set by the Department of Education Early Childhood Education and Care ECEC.  

Join Our Educator Team

Please click the button on the right to express your interest in joining our amazing Team of Educators. For further information on working at Wilston Kids Care please email Emma Bannerman, Coordinator of Operations, at

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