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Hours of operation

Before School Care

6.30am to 8.30am (during school term)

Maximum capacity: 229 Children

After School Care

3.00pm to 6.00pm (during school term)

Maximum capacity: 260 Children

Vacation Care

6.30am to 6.00pm (during school holidays)

Maximum capacity: 260 Children

Pupil Free Days

6.30am to 6.00pm (on designated days)

Maximum capacity: 260 Children

We do not operate on weekends or public holidays.

Wilston Kids Care (WKC)

At Wilston Kids Care we understand that childhood offers rich and unique play-based learning and development opportunities. When supported by a safe and secure environment where the child’s rights and ideas are valued, children are able to flourish into confident, caring, and effective learners.

When children experience trusting, reciprocal relationships in a community where inclusion and wellbeing are prioritised, they are provided with the foundation for success in later life. Wilston Kids Care is dedicated to providing a fun and inclusive environment where children are respected as individuals and are given agency to lead their own play, leisure, learning and development.

Wilston Kids Care is located inside the Wilston State School grounds and is operated independently by the Wilston State School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C Executives) who are the Approved Provider with full management control.  The Service is supported operationally by a General Manager who is the appointed Nominated Supervisor and a diverse and experienced Management and Administration Team. We have a multi-talented team of Educators, who bring various qualifications, experience, and knowledge to our high quality Outside School Hours Care Service.

Wilston Kids Care has access to several buildings and facilities within the school grounds as part of our Site Use Agreement that forms part of our Service Approval.  Where possible, we like to participate in activities in conjunction with the school, always showing our support for Wilston State School culture and special events. Wilston Kids Care enrol children from Prep – Grade 6.



Weekly Program and Menu

Our Educational Program 


Children thrive and learn best when their interests and strengths are captured. For this reason, the Educators at our Service implement an Inquiry based, Emergent Style Curriculum as part of their Educational Program. An Inquiry based, Emergent Curriculum is a way of planning that is based on and extends the children’s interest at a certain time. Planning an Emergent Curriculum requires close observation and knowledge of a child or group of children to find what is currently sparking their interest and curiosity. The Inquiry based, Emergent Curriculum is play based, child-directed, can include both individual and group components and includes intentional teaching. The openness and exploratory nature of this type of Curriculum requires a lot of creativity and flexibility from Educators but is more exciting for the children and maximises learning outcomes. The responsive nature of an Emergent Curriculum requires Educators to have a deep knowledge of, and connection with the children in their care, to plan for their interests, needs and strengths.   


All the children’s learning stories, observations, learning progress and outcomes are documented on our digital documentation platform Xplor Playground. Parents can view this information on their Xplor Home App.   



Food Preparation, Delivery and Menu Planning at the Service 


The Service has a responsibility to help children develop healthy food habits and attitudes. By working with families and Educators, we positively influence each child’s health and good nutrition at home. We are committed to providing a healthy diet for the children in our Service. Educators help children to develop good food habits and attitudes. We believe this contributes to the prevention of weight problems in children, allowing children to thrive physically, socially, and intellectually, and in turn contributes to prevention of nutrition-related chronic diseases. Our Weekly Menu is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the Australian Governments Get Up & Grow: Healthy Eating and Physical Activity for Early Childhood. The Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland Schools is based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (2003) and The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGTHE).  


 We will: 

  • Role model and promote healthy eating and activity choices throughout the day to all children and families. 

  • Promote healthy eating and nutritional concepts to promote healthy, active habits in children from a young age. 

  • Support all our families in educating their children about healthy food choices by providing information about our daily menu and recipe ideas upon request.

The food prepared and served to the children attending Wilston Kids Care is nutritiously prepared from scratch by the Wilston State School Tuckshop team. During term time, we provide breakfast and Afternoon Tea and late snacks to the children.

During Vacation Care, children are required to bring their Morning and Afternoon Tea and Wilston Kids Care provides lunch every day. To ensure all children have access to drinking water we have provided a Hydration Station in place at the front of the Service near the undercover area to ensure clean drinking water is accessible at all times.

We encourage all children to bring a drink bottle of water to the Service each visit. Educators support children to take regular fluid breaks and top up their water bottle where needed.

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