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Volunteer - Share you skills or your time

Volunteering at Wilston State School P&C is like being a superhero, but instead of a cape, you get a smile and the satisfaction of helping your children achieve their dreams!

Whether you're a whiz at organizing chaos into a successful event, a master of the tuckshop grill, or a sales guru at the ticket booth, your powers are needed.

Dive into the pool of community spirit, help the little ones hit their swimming goals, or simply be the friendly face that brightens someone's day at the uniform shop.

Every minute you spend volunteering turns into a treasure trove of memories and giggles. So come on, join the fun – it's the kind of party where everyone leaves with a prize: the joy of giving back!

We welcome and appreciate your time as a one-off or more regularly, in a way that works with your lifestyle.

You can join the P&C, attend meetings and have your say or join a sub-committee to find out what is happening, as well as providing your feedback and advice.

If you are able to help out, please fill in the form below or download a form here

Volunteer with us
Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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