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Terms and conditions:

Agree to give permission for your child to be signed out of Wilston Kids Care to attend the extracurricular activity.

Authorise Wilston Kids Care to release your child from care on the selected days.

Wilston Kids Care will:

  • Not be responsible for children completing their activity 

  • Make every effort to ensure children attend their nominated activity  

  • Allocate an Educator to the Activity List role in order to facilitate the sign in/out process on the iPad for children attending activities. This Educator will take and collect Preps (only) to their extracurricular activities.  Grades 1 – 6 will walk independently to and from the activity, back to Wilston Kids Care to be signed in at the C Block activity list checkpoint.

Parents will:

  • Correspond with the appropriate organisation regarding any changes which may occur with your child's activity and report this to Wilston Kids Care immediately by completing a new activity permission form

  • Advise Wilston Kids Care if your child no longer attends an activity, including the conclusion of an activity (eg. Gala day training concluded for the year). Wilston Kids Care must be notified by email

  • Advise via the activity permission form that your child will not be returning to Wilston Kids Care after the completion of the activity

  • Communicate with the Administration team if you are going to be collecting your child prior to the completion of their activity and you have advised via the activity permission form that they normally would return to WKC

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