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Thank you for choosing Wilston Crocodiles to teach your children how to swim. The first time at a new learn to swim venue can be confusing for all, so here are a few tips to make it stress free for you and your child.


Learn to Swim Program

There are five learn to swim levels in our program. Learn to swimmers will start at Level 1 and progress through to advanced learn to swim level 5. All swimmers are constantly monitored and once they are able to perform the skills required to move to the next level they will be reassessed. Swimmers will progress through the levels as their skills and ability improves. As the swimmer attains each level they will receive a certificate of achievement. Please be aware that learning to swim is a completely individual experience and all swimmers will have varying rates of improvement.



For children learning to kick on a board, float in a streamline position and start to perform fundamental safety skills.



For swimmers who can perform good kicking and balance skills, and are learning to perform freestyle catch up arms and kick on their back.



For swimmers who are learning to perform backstroke and bilateral freestyle.



For swimmers who are able to perform backstroke and bilateral freestyle, and start to perform breaststroke, butterfly kick and good streamlining.


For advanced learn to swimmers learning to perform freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly correctly up to a distance of 25m.

After swimmers have obtained the necessary skills to pass level 5 of the Learn to Swim program, they then go into our squad program starting at our Stroke Development and progressing through to our Target squad.

Assessment procedures

Each level has set criteria that need to be mastered before a swimmer can progress to the next level. It should not be expected that at the end of each term a swimmer will be ready to move up. All swimmers in our program are continually assessed for improvement and readiness for upgrading to the next level. Once the coach believes that a swimmer is ready they will notify the Learn to Swim Co-ordinator for a formal assessment. The Learn to Swim Co- ordinators decision is final and she will be happy to discuss the progress of any swimmer.



Payment for each new term must be made prior to, or before the end of, the second week of that term, otherwise we cannot guarantee your booking.  Payments can be made by cash, cheque, card, or direct deposit.  (Bank details are available on the bottom of invoices.)  You must rebook for each term.  If you would like to keep the same timeslot in term one please rebook towards the end of term four and we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee the same time due to the changing staff rosters.

Make Up Classes

Make up lessons can only be offered if prior notification of absence is received. Non attendance at a pre-booked session will still require payment. Two make up lessons are allowed each term.



Refunds will only be offered by the committee when there are special circumstances.  We do realise that circumstances arise from time to time that may make it impossible for your child to attend his or her class, and whilst we will endeavour to accommodate you and your family wishes wherever possible, sometimes we will be unable to achieve this.  We would appreciate a phone call if you are unable to attend a lesson.  Seven days written notice is required when cancelling a lesson otherwise full payment is required.

Bad Weather

We swim in rain, but will get the children out of the pool if there is lightening.  No credit or make up lessons will be given for lessons cancelled due to bad weather.


Club Nights

Club nights are held every Friday night of term 4 and term 1, finishing with two nights of Club Championships and then trophy night.  The children nominate the stroke/s they would like to swim on the night (maximum of 3) and will compete against children of a similar ability. The focus is on personal best times and not race winners.  If you are interested in your child attending club nights, please see Kirsten in the office.
There are also 12 ½ metre races held before the 25m freestyle. These are for beginner club members who would like to attempt any particular stroke that they aren’t confident in swimming a full 25 metres.  Due to swimming requirements we are able to offer this for members and younger siblings only.   There are also incentive schemes in place to further encourage swimmers.

Holiday Intensive Classes and Camps

These are offered during the school holidays and provide an excellent way for your child to have intensive swimming sessions. The Learn to Swim classes and camps are usually held in the first and second last week of the Christmas holidays and during September/Easter holidays.  For further details please contact the office.

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