Vacation Care

​At Wilston Kids Care we believe our Vacation Care Program should be like a holiday for your child. We have a variety of activities, excursions and incursions to the Service to support an engaging and exciting holiday period. Vacation Care operates between 6.30am and 6.00pm during school holidays and on pupil free days.

To be eligible to use our Vacation Care at Wilston Kids Care, children must be of primary school age and attending primary school. Children from other schools are welcome to attend, however students from Wilston State School will be prioritised in instances where Vacation Care is booked out. Preps may attend Vacation Care from the 1st January of the year they begin school. You will need to be enrolled at Wilston Kids Care to book your child into a Vacation Care day.

We have separated the Program this time into younger and older age groups to ensure we can cater for every child’s interests from 4-12-year years of age.

  • Vacation Care Program Prep – Grade 2

  • Vacation Care Program Grade 3 – Grade 6

You need to go by what grade your child is in for 2020, to know what Program to refer to for December 2020. In January 2021, you need to look what grade they will be in to determine the January Program you use.


Our rationale for separating these Programs was so we can be laser focused on programming learning activities for the vast age groups we care for over this long holiday period. All 4/5-year-old children as an example, developmentally do not have the same interests as a 10 or 11-year-old. Therefore, in the interest of supporting EVERY child’s needs, we wanted to deliver a more developmentally suitable Program aimed especially at similar age groupings for younger and older children.


In January 2021 we will have a lot of new Prep children starting who will be 4 years old coming straight from Kindy to start their formalised schooling year. We also need to provide activities and areas that are dedicated for them, to ensure their safety and wellbeing, playing with peers around a similar age and interest level. With older children it is important to give them space away from the younger children so they can be more independent and autonomous with their day.


Children will still have opportunity to engage in multi age and siblings play. If siblings choose to play together, they can regardless of their age. Siblings can choose to play with one another if they wish and if it helps children to settle and feel more comfortable. Senior and junior spaces will be allocated exclusively for children who would prefer to engage with children of their own age as well. Our Vacation Care Program is designed to cater for all children’s developmental abilities and interests and is child focused to cater for an array of ages from Prep to Grade 6 (4-12 yrs.). As our Program is child led and child centred, it is the CHILD who chooses what they want to do when they attend.

Please click the orange buttons below to access the programs, menu, and Vacation Care permission form. 

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Bookings for December/ January 2020/21 are now open!
  • Follow Wilston Kids Care on Facebook to find out when bookings open 

  • WKC method of payment is Direct Debit via Debit Success. Bookings will not be accepted unless direct debit has been activated.

  • Morning and afternoon tea is not provided. As it is a long day, please pack extra food/snacks. Some fruit is provided.

  • Children should bring an alternative lunch should the provided menu not be suitable.

  • Children must wear closed in shoes. Children are NOT to wear sandals or thongs. 

  • Children must wear a board brimmed hat and are encouraged to wear sun safe clothing. Sunscreen provided by WKC.

  • Some days have maximum capacity so please book in early.​

  • It is suggested that all children bring a spare set of clothes. Some activities may be extremely messy and we recommend children bring in an old set of clothes as WKC can't guarantee that stains can be removed. All precautions are taken eg. Art smocks, however, some activities we aren’t able to use these (as advised on program). 

  • Wilston Kids Care take no responsibility for any child who brings in their own possessions e.g. electronic devices, money, trading cards, toys or games.

  • Activities: Please note that smaller fill in activities are subject to availability. We can't guarantee that all children will get to participate or take home all craft/games/activities however there will always be activities on offer to all children.

  • Please note charges vary depending on the day and activity, they will be applied to your account as per normal WKC processes.

  • Menu Options Available: GF: Gluten Free DF: Dairy Free VEG: Vegetarian NF: Nut Free

Vacation Care Terms and Conditions

Vacation Care bookings are available not currently open, Wilston Kids Care will email all active families and post on our Facebook page when bookings go live for the upcoming Vacation Care period. New Prep children enroling for 2021 can begin attending Vacation Care from January 4 2021. 

Please make sure you read all instructions the below to find out how to book Vacation Care positions via our new system.

Permission Forms:

All children attending any excursion or swimming day must have a Vacation Care Permission Form submitted prior to C.O.B on the last day of term prior to the holiday period.

Cancellation Policy:

Any requests to cancel bookings require 7 days written notice, as we are required to confirm numbers with vendors and assist with staffing arrangements. To request a cancellation, please email wkc.admin@wilstonpandc.org.au

Absent days:

If your child is absent during the vacation care period, the same absent policy as term time applies. You will need to mark your child absent via the My Family Lounge app on your phone. This is available to download via your app store. Please refer to admin staff before the Vacation Care period if you do not know how to do this and we will assist you. Please remember, you are not able to view the My Family Lounge website on your phone, and the website does not allow you to mark as absent.


How to book Vacation Care on the Xplor Home app. 

  1. Open the Xplor Home app

  2. Click on the bookings tab

  3. Click on the relevant day on the calendar

  4. To add a booking click "(+) New" in the top right hand corner and select 'Booking' in the pop up.

    • Available sessions will be viewable for that day. Select the session you wish to book (i.e. Vacation Care, do not click request a space on this screen) 

    • Swipe down to bring the calendar back up.

  5.  For multiple bookings, repeat the process above until all the sessions are selected.

  6. Once selected, click the pram icon in the top right hand corner to move to the summary screen. 

  7. The summary screen will display the name of the child, the sessions being booked at their price, time and room. If these are incorrect, click the back arrow to correct selections. Once happy with the selections, click 'Request'.

  8. If the sessions have been booked successfully, the next screen will show a 'confirmed' status for the booking.​​