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Wilston State School Parents and Citizens Association

Situated in Brisbane's leafy inner city suburb of Grange, sit beautiful 120 year old buildings housing memories, experience and a wonderful state school.

Wilston State School P&C promotes the interests of children of Wilston State School and assists with the further development and improvements at Wilston State School.


Wilston P&C (Parents & Citizens) Association has a long standing relationship with the School, working collaboratively with the leadership team to provide your children with opportunities.Through fundraising the P&C provides money to the school enabling the purchase of additional materials and equipment.


The Swimming Club, Uniform and Bookshop, Tuckshop and Wilston Kids Care are valuable services to the Wilston State School community and operated by staff and sub-committees of the P&C.




We are a dedicated group of parents and citizens who want to contribute to building our school community. 

Can you be a part of it?

Membership of the P&C is a great way to help support our school. By being involved in the P&C you are kept updated regularly on activities happening around the school, school policies and procedures, and P&C news – it also means you can have active input.

Being a member of the P&C also gives you voting rights at meetings and you can participate in the decision-making process.  According to the P&C rules, memberships must be received and accepted at a prior meeting before you are able to vote.

Being a member of the P&C doesn’t mean you need to come along to every meeting or volunteer for anything that you don’t want to do.  P&C membership must be renewed each year.

Why join your school P&C? 

P&C members make a difference by: 

  • consulting on school policy 

  • financial planning and budgeting 

  • managing on-site businesses (tuckshops, uniforms, after school care) 

  • assisting with school functions 

  • applying for grants 

  • building school communities 

  • making the school a happier and more connected place. 


  • Children who have actively engaged parents have better education outcomes! 

  • Working with your P&C provides you with valuable work experience and new skills. 

  • Volunteering improves your health and wellbeing. 

  • Joining your P&C creates life-long friendships. 


Membership applications are not accepted until voted on at a P&C meeting. New members must be present at the P&C meeting after submitting membership forms, with the exception of the AGM.


Terms and conditions

I agree to be bound by the constitution of the P&C and by all valid resolutions passed by the Association. I agree to work within the boundaries of the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. I agree to be bound by the Code of Conduct for P&C Associations which includes the following:

• respect confidentiality and information privacy

• act with courtesy and demonstrate respect for all persons

• act in the best interest of the total school community at all times.


The Wilston SS P&C has recognised the substantial contribution that the following members have made to the P&C by awarding them Life Membership of the P&C:

Blair Rainbow  *  Brendan Howes   *   David Edgerton   *  Leon Matthews   *   Lyn Morrison   *   Wendy Brownscombe   *   Rod Andersen    *    Robyn Hogan

Your support for Wilston State School is appreciated.

Account Name

Wilston State School Parents and Citizens Association





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Each State school is resourced by the State Government through grant funding to provide a core educational service to students.

Voluntary financial contributions are used by schools to provide an enhanced educational service and to enhance resources available for student learning, recreation and comfort.

For more information about voluntary contributions please click here



Importance of Sustainability


The P&C at Wilston State School places great importance on sustainabilty. We have in place the P&C's SustainabilityPolicy 2009. We also have in place the Classroom Air Conditioning Guidelines in association with the school.

The P&C supports Education Queensland's vision for sustainability in our school based on that agreed for the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.

A world where everyone has the opportunity to benefit from a quality education and learn the values, behaviour and lifestyles required for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation.

Heat Pumps to warm the Pool

The Swimming Club at Wilston State School has installed heat pump water heaters into the pool complex. Water is heated by travelling through pipes that pass through a space of heated air. The air is heated due to pressurisation. Funds gained from the Lord Mayor’s Sustainability Grant have allowed this project to occur. This system at Wilston State School will result in a saving of approximately 50 tonnes of carbon per year and should at least halve the heating costs each year.

Air Conditioning

With the air conditioning of L Block at Wilston State School in the September school holidays, all classrooms at the school are now air conditioned.

This was funded by parents from individual classes supported by the P&C. The instalation of air conditioning must be accompanied by the responsible and economic use of the air conditioning units. This was why the P&C negotiated with the school on the introduction and use of the Classroom Air Conditioning Guidelines.

The air conditioning of L Block followed consultation with the school community in an online survey that closed on 28 August 2009. The survey results were considered at the P&C meeting of 17 September 2009. Whilst the survey results showed very strong spport for the air conditioning of L Block of Wilston State School, the survey also found very strong support for sustainability in the Wilston State School community.



As a not-for-profit, member-driven and community-orientated association, Wilston P&C ensures that we proactively comply with relevant laws and standards, as well as strongly adhere to our community obligations, being the objects of their existence.

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