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Wilston State School Parents and Citizens Association

Situated in Brisbane's leafy inner-city suburb of Grange, sit beautiful 120-year-old buildings housing memories, experience and a wonderful state school.

Wilston State School P&C promotes the interests of children of Wilston State School and assists with the further development and improvements at Wilston State School.


Wilston P&C (Parents & Citizens) Association has a long-standing relationship with the school, working collaboratively with the leadership team to provide your children with opportunities. Through fundraising the P&C provides money to the school enabling the purchase of additional materials and equipment.


The Swimming Club, Uniform and Bookshop, Tuckshop and Wilston Kids Care are valuable services to the Wilston State School community and operated by staff and sub-committees of the P&C.

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Thank you to our Sponsors:


Your support for Wilston State School is appreciated.

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Each State school is resourced by the State Government through grant funding to provide a core educational service to students.

Voluntary financial contributions are used by schools to provide an enhanced educational service and to enhance resources available for student learning, recreation and comfort.

For more information about voluntary contributions please click here



As a not-for-profit, member-driven and community-orientated association, Wilston P&C ensures that we proactively comply with relevant laws and standards, as well as strongly adhere to our community obligations, being the objects of their existence.

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