Club nights are held every Friday night during term 4 and term 1 of the school year.  Club Championship nights are held on the final two Friday nights in term 1, with Trophy Night typically scheduled on the following Saturday night.

Membership Details

W.S.S.A.S.C. is open to all swimmers five and over by the 31st of December of that year.


Running order


Starts 6pm sharp


   .  25m, 50m, 100m and 200m events

  • All race nominations close Wednesday 6pm sharp.

  • The electronic method of nomination is by accessing the web page ( and clicking on the ‘nomination’ link.

  • No nomination, no times.

  • A maximum of 4 individual events can be swum each night.

  • To swim in the 50m and long distance races, swimmers must meet the qualifying times listed.



50m events

  • 25m Freestyle / 23 seconds

  • 25 Backstroke / 26 seconds

  • 25m Breaststroke / 28 seconds

  • 25m Butterfly / 25 seconds

100m Freestyle: Already qualified for 50m Freestyle

100m Medley: Already qualified for 50m in any 3 strokes

200m & 400m Freestyle: Swim 50m freestyle in 45 sec
100m & 200m Breaststroke: Swim 50 Breaststroke in 57 sec
100m & 200m Backstroke: Swim 50m Backstroke in 50 sec
100m Butterfly: Swim 50m Butterfly in 50 sec


Past members will commence the new season with their best club night times from the previous season.

For further information regarding our club please refer to the handbook.



Nominate below













The canteen and BBQ run on a roster system, if you forgot to put your name down on sign on day, you will be allocated a date in each term, (one for BBQ and one for the canteen). If unavailable to attend on your night please arrange a replacement, there is no need to contact the office. The roster will be posted on the notice board, in the canteen as well as appearing in the Wilston Weekly. The canteen and BBQ roster is an important function for the Friday club nights and carnivals, and relies on the generosity of club volunteers to maintain this service.  You will usually be required to help out once a term, but helping out on any night is appreciated. If you are new to the club, the canteen convenor will show you what to do and you will usually be paired with experienced helpers.

How can I help?

Swim Club is run entirely by parents volunteering their time and effort.   Each week we require help with timekeeping, cooking, serving in the canteen and cleaning up at the end of the night. None of these tasks require great skill, and bring the opportunity to meet other parents as well as the satisfaction of making a contribution. Don’t forget to support our Club Sponsors.


Quick note for new families:

BBQ – If you are on BBQ roster for the night, you will be required either to cook the food or serve it.  No money exchanges hands, all items are purchased at the canteen and a token will exchanged when they are served by you.  Please make sure all BBQ items are washed up at the  end of the night.
Canteen – All items are clearly priced, we offer BBQ items, hot box items, healthy snacks and drinks.




9th Oct –  
16th Oct –               
23rd Oct –   
30th Oct -    
6th Nov-    
13th Nov –   
20th Nov –  
27th Nov –
4th Dec –   

Christmas Break

st Jan -      
7th Feb –     
14th Feb –   
21st Feb –   
28th Mar –   
6th Mar –    
13th Mar –   
 20th Mar –   



9th Oct –   
16th Oct –   
23rd Oct –   
30th Oct  –    
6th Nov –   
13th Nov –    
20th Nov –   
27th Nov-  
4th Dec –   

Christmas Break

31st Jan -   
7th Feb –   
14th Feb-   
21st Feb -   
28th Mar –   
6th Mar –  
13th  Mar- 
20th Mar-   




Wilston Crocs membership is for a period of 12 months commencing from the 1st July each year. All swimmers must be registered with Brisbane Swimming Association, Swimming Queensland and Swimming Australia.

The Club Membership fees for the 2020/2021 season are listed below

Full membership - Competitive swimmer: A member who is entitled to compete at Friday Club nights and at all BSA, SQ, SAL events or other Swimming Club carnivals. Fees include BSA/ SQ and SAL registration, insurance and club fees.

Friday membership - Recreational Swimmer: A member who wishes to compete only at Friday Club nights (ie. no external BSA, SQ or other club carnivals). Fees include BSA, SQ and SAL registration and club fees.

All swimmers need to complete a Wilston Crocs sign on form. Sign on day will be advised shortly.

New members can then sign up on- line by visiting the Swim Central Membership Portal - .  

Existing members can renew their membership through the Swim Central membership Portal - 


Swimmer 8 years and under: $144.00

Competitive swimmer (9+): $174.00

Recreational Swimmer (9+): $159.00

Club fees include 1 Wilston Crocs cap.

All members wishing to compete in any BSA or SQ events will need to be registered before nominating for any carnivals, or before 30 September 2020 at the latest.

Transfers - swimmers who have already registered and paid for the 2020/21 season with another club, please email our registrar at to organise a transfer.


Club: Swimmers must be accompanied by a parent or an appointed adult carer at all club nights, inter-club competitions and any other formal or informal event held by the Club. This person is to be responsible for the swimmer or non-swimmer during the entire program. The club takes no responsibility for supervision or the enforcement of the rules relating to children at club events and functions. The parent or appointed adult carer is fully and solely responsible for this supervision.