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Our Learn to Swim program offers five class levels, beginning with water safety and progressing through to advanced. 
Swimmers are continuously observed, and upon mastering the necessary skills for the next level, they undergo assessment, and their parents are informed. Progression through the levels is based on skill and ability. Each swimmer receives a certificate upon reaching a new level. It's vital to recognize that swimming proficiency develops at a personal pace for each individual. Children who are 4 years old or will turn 4 during the term are eligible to join.

To send a Learn To Swim enquiry please complete the form here.

Starfish (Level 1)

For children learning to kick with strong, straight legs with and without a kickboard, float in a streamline position and start to perform fundamental safety skills. To advance swimmers must be able to kick in a streamline position (no board), with straight legs for 5 metres. Swimmers also need to be comfortable kicking on their backs in a streamline position.

Turtles (Level 2)

For swimmers who can perform have a strong straight kick and correct streamline body positions. This level introduces freestyle catch up arms and kicking on their back without a board. To advance a swimmers must be able to perform at least four 'big' freestyle arms, while maintaining streamline position and straight leg kick and can kick independently on their back for 5 metres.

Dolphins (Level 3)

For swimmers who are learning to perform backstroke and bilateral freestyle.

Stingrays (Level 4)

For swimmers who are able to perform backstroke and bilateral freestyle, and start to perform breaststroke kick, butterfly kick and good streamlining.

Sharks (Level 5)

For advanced learn to swimmers learning to perform freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke correctly up to a distance of 25m.

After swimmers have obtained the necessary skills to pass the Sharks Level of the Learn to Swim program, they then go into our Crocs squad program starting at Stroke Development Squad and progressing through to our Target Squad.



Term 3 2024

Lessons are conducted by accredited AUSTSWIM Swim Instructors.

1 lesson per week          $170
2 lessons per week        $270


Monday- Thursday from 3.15-5.15 pm
Saturdays from 8:00am

We swim on pupil free days but are closed on public holidays.

Prior notification is required if a swimmer is going to miss a lesson in order for a make up class to be offered.  Non attendance at a pre-booked session will still require payment.  Make up lessons may be offered for lessons cancelled due to bad weather. Any allocated make up lessons must be completed in the current term.

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