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Every Kid Needs A Champion

At Wilston Kids Care we’ve had a busy few weeks of professional development for all staff. Our management team has been undergoing extra training, including training to assist with the design and implementation of our program, and receiving information about the latest updates in our laws and regulations. We welcomed Rarni from QCAN to open our eyes to new ways to create engaging learning environments in a session for all staff where we had a range of discussions about the exciting new direction of our spaces. We were also welcomed for a site visit with our friends at Camp Hill OSHC, where we had the chance to experience their loose parts playground and see their centre in action. We can’t wait to implement what we’ve learnt from all of these experiences!


As educators we try to gain inspiration from a huge range of resources. We were particularly inspired by this TED Talk by Rita F. Pierson, where she talks about the connection between relationships and learning.

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