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Thank you from The P&C

As we end another wonderful year at Wilston State School, on behalf of the P&C, I would like to thank everyone for their support in what has been a busy but fun year.

To all of our Volunteers – thank you for feeding our children through the tuck shop, for helping to make sure that they are comfortable in their uniforms, for timekeeping and running the BBQ and canteen at Swim Club nights and for ensuring our events are a success and run smoothly.

We loved seeing the different flair that our new Trivia Night convenors put into the event, our Fete Committee were all new to the event and did an amazing job as well as all of the hard-working PLO’s and volunteers who pulled together to make our first Fete in four years a fun day for our children, visitors and school community.

Johanna who runs our Mother’s Day Stall and Sonya who runs the Father’s Day Stall have the events running so well and the children delight in buying gifts for their loved ones.

Caroline, once again pulled together a great welcome event for our Prep Parents. She also stepped in on a number of occasions throughout the year to lend her advice and time.

Georgia pulled together an Easter Raffle with a slightly different format than in the past in record time allowing many of our children to take home a prize.

Sandra did a fantastic job with our most recent Thermomix/Visa Pressy Card raffle selling over 400 tickets and allowing us to give away TWO prizes whilst raising funds that will go back into the school.

Thank you to all of our staff in our business units - from WKC, to the LTS and Squad program, tuckshop and uniform shop. Your efforts and dedication are greatly appreciated. To our sub-committees - thanks for all of your efforts in supporting our business units. We also appreciate your time and efforts.

I would also like to thank the members of the P&C Exec - Nick Pearson (Secretary), Ray Robertson (Treasurer) and our VP’s Rosie Barrett, David Reed and Jonathan Levey - for all of their work behind the scenes, assisting with all events, business units, school liaison, meetings and decisions.

Thank you to the school leadership team for the ongoing partnership with the P&C.

Thank you also to all of the community who support the P&C activities and school events. Everyone plays a role in making the P&C and the school the success they are.We have achieved a lot in 2024 and invested significant funds back into the school. Our pool now remains warm year-round, our youngest children spend time on their new nature playground, the library has lovely new flooring, science, sports and music departments have resources that they otherwise would not be able to offer to your children’s education. We are excited to see the outdoor learning space and the new playground near G block once finished!!

We have some exciting plans with the school for new projects as we move into 2024 so please make sure that you follow the P&C Facebook Page Facebook here to keep up to date with all that is happening across Swim, Tuckshop, Uniform Shop, Fundraising, Projects and Events.

To all of the school staff - thank you for all you do for the school and our children. We value each and every one of you and we thank you for your hard work and dedication!!

Lastly but certainly not least, to our Year 6 cohort - we wish you good luck and success as you enter the next stage of your education journey. Thanks for contributing over the years to the culture and spirit that is Wilston State School. We hope you stay in touch with the school and we would love to hear about your successes!!

We wish you all a safe and happy festive season and look forward to seeing those of you returning in 2024.

Ian Dorey


Wilston State School P&C


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