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New Child Care Subsidy

New Child Care Package

Hi Families,

A series of video presentations for providers and families on the New Child Care Package are now available to access from our Wilston State School P&C website (Wilston Kids Care). The first 2 are the best videos to get comprehensive information about how the new subsidy and activity tests will work.

Parents need to review this information to understand the changes the government is bringing into effect 1st July 2018. There will be a lot of communication from us over the next 6 months to support family’s understanding about how the new system will work.

The titles in the series are:

The videos are captioned for greater accessibility. We encourage you to share these resources with interested parties who may benefit from this information.

Family Information Webcast

The department held Family Information Webcast Sessions on the New Child Care Package in November 2017. A recording of the session, as well as frequently asked questions, will be available on the department’s website soon at

Need more information?

To keep up to date on the latest information please refer to the Transition page on the department’s website.

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