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New Child Care Benefit and Rebate

Dear Families

As you are aware the system for Child Care Benefit and Rebate is changing on 2nd July to Child Care Subsidy.

Families have been asked to update their details in preparation for the transition to the new system. This will involve completion of information online to reflect their work/study commitments, family income estimates for the financial year 2018/2019 and linking all children in care to eligible services. You will receive information in the mail (from the Government – Human Services) to guide you with this process. You can also visit the MyGov website now to complete -

Families are encouraged to do this process as soon as possible to ensure all information is ready and all entitled subsidies will be received once transition occurs. Further information can also be found at –

We have attached some updated information regarding the subsidy rebates in line with CPI increase and Family webcast information sessions that are scheduled for the coming weeks. Found here

More information will continue to be sent out to fully prepare all our families for this new process. Remember if you fail to register and update your MyGov account you will not be authorised by the government to receive any eligible child care subsidy.

Any questions don’t hesitate to speak to Dani, Michaela, Tamara or Realeen.

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