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Donated Materials

As a service we've been trying to limit the amount of resources that we purchase, particularly one-use resources, in order to be improve our sustainability practices. We take pride in instilling environmentally responsible habits in the kids in our care, and encouraging environmental stewardship. By reducing our waste and our use of plastics we can make an impact by reducing the carbon miles dedicated to delivering resources, reducing water use for the production of resources and providing valuable benefits to the kids in our care. By using natural and recycled materials children are able to think outside the box and act with resourcefulness and imagination.

As always, we are very open to a range of donations to add to our program, and value the input of our families! At the moment, of particular interest to the children are:

  • Crates or Heat-Treated Palettes

  • PVC Piping

  • Tiles

  • Wool

  • Paper

  • Second-Hand/ Spare Clothing

  • Costumes

  • Second-Hand Sheets and Fabric

  • Gardening Pots

  • Pots and Pans/ Kitchenware

  • Cardboard Boxes/ Tubes

  • Wood Off-Cuts (Untreated)

  • Miscellaneous Craft Materials

  • Natural Materials (Seed Pods, Pine Cones, Sticks)

  • Clocks or other mechanical appliances which can be taken apart.

If you have any materials that you wish to donate feel free to drop them off and let one of our friendly office staff know so that we can store them and put them to good use!

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