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QikKids Service Notification - CCS Issue (Multiple payments to parent accounts)

Good afternoon,

This email is to inform you that CCS Helpdesk has just advised us that they've had an issue where for some services, they issued multiple payment clearance numbers from the Childcare Subsidy System. The outcome users will see is that some parent accounts will have incorrect balances as CCS has reconciled additional CCS payments to the parent account. This issue is impacting all CCS software providers clients. We are waiting for additional information on this issue from the CCS Helpdesk to determine the extent of impact across the sector and how they will be resolving it. Once we have clarity from the CCS Helpdesk we will immediately provide you with an update. Wilston Kids Care will continue to provide you with regular updates as they come from our Software Provider QikKids. Kindest regards,

QikKids Team

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