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Bookings from 25 May 2020 - All children returning to School and Wilston Kids Care

Dear Families,

As you would have heard, the Qld Government has announced that from Monday May 25, 2020, Queensland students in all year levels will go back to the classroom. Those in grades 2-10 will join the Kindy, Prep, Year 1, Year 11 & Year 12 students who came back last week.

For the week commencing Monday 18 2020, we are still utilising the “casual “booking system where you book into the COVID-19 rolls as you have been doing so since the beginning of Term 2. This will be the last week we will use this system.

Then as of Monday, 25 2020 everything will go back to the normal process we were using pre-COVID-19. All the hibernated bookings will be brought out and used as they were pre-COVID-19 hibernation.

Please remember for any of these bookings you make we are able to waive out of pocket fees for families. This means you will not pay anything for your child’s attendance until the end of the financial year June 30, 2020.

What to do about your pre-COVID-19 hibernation bookings?

As of Monday, 18 2020, if you need to adjust your normal permanent bookings in any way you can go in and add additional days, remove days, or cancel if necessary, depending on your circumstances. Remember though, for the week commencing 18 -22 May 2020 we are still utilising the casual booking process.

We are just getting you to check your normal permanent bookings and make any necessary adjustments so they can be used officially from Monday 25 May 2020.

We will use the details of attendees(bookings) to ensure that we have the right number of Educators available to care for your children from next week and beyond on our roster.


Keeping the same days

Do nothing, all bookings that were active as of the end of Term 1 (and you did not request to cancel your booking) will be brought out of hibernation automatically as of 25 May 2020.

Adding more bookings or requesting previously cancelled days

1. Go to Wilston P & C website -

2. Click on Wilston Kids Care

3. Click on My Family Lounge

4. In the Parent Sign in section, log in

5. In the current bookings section, click edit on the booking you would like to change

6. Select the preferred start date

7. Select the days you would like to be booked in for (if you wish to remove permanent day, deselect the days you no longer need)

8. WKC will send you an offer if a place is available on the days you request. Offers for requested days will be sent this week, daily and from next week onward they will be sent on Wednesdays.

9. Once you receive an offer you will need to log back in and accept it within three business days.

Marking absent if you want to keep your spot but you will not be attending

1. Go to the My Family Lounge app (not website)

2. Click on get started

3. Click on sessions

4. Click on session you want Before School Care, After School Care or Vacation Care

5. Click on the date in the calendar you require

6. Read terms and conditions then below click Absent.

Note: All absentees must be marked via the app no later than 3:00pm on the day of the booking and can be marked up to two weeks in advance.

To cancel permanent bookings

Email with seven days’ notice to cancel your booking/s.

We are very excited to see everyone back on the 25 May 2020. To ensure the health and safety of all children, educators, management, and parents please review the below risk minimisation strategies we will have in place at Wilston Kids Care to manage the health outcomes for all onsite.

Risk Minimisation Measures in place for COVID-19 when attending Wilston Kids Care

  • Anyone (staff and children) who are sick with influenza-like symptoms, even with mild symptoms, must not attend Wilston Kids Care. This measure protects everyone on site. If we suspect your child is unwell or has a temperature, they will be sent home immediately.

  • Parents should not bring younger or older siblings (who do not attend WKC) or other additional adults during drop off and pick up periods. It is important we ensure smaller numbers of people are on site at one time.

  • If a child or staff member becomes ill while they are at Wilston Kids Care, they will be sent home as soon as possible. While awaiting collection by their carer, ideally, the symptomatic child will be cared for in an area that is separated from other children at the Service. This is to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Pick up must be immediate to ensure the health and safety of the remaining children and staff.

  • Enhance hygiene practices for staff, children and visitors are in place. Washing hands frequently is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of germs that cause respiratory disease. Alcohol-based hand gel is a suitable alternative. Please sanitise your hands before using the Kiosks and upon entry to the Service.

  • Social distancing measures will be in place during all talk times and mealtimes. We will ensure smaller groups of children are spread out across the campus in various areas for play times.

  • We will ensure robust infection control and cleaning and routine environmental cleaning procedures are in place and are occurring regularly throughout the day.

  • Parent Lounge has been temporarily relocated to the stage area to ensure effective social distancing practices are in place. Parents must now sign in and out in this new area to reduce the amount of close contact traffic coming in and out of the small office space.

We understand with so many changes things can be confusing so if you need any assistance or have a question do not hesitate to contact us at the Service. We want to make sure all families understand the process they need to follow for next week 18-22 May and then when we are all back, 25 May 2020.

Thank you for your continued support during this time. We have appreciated all the well wishes and are looking forward to getting everyone back and moving forward in 2020.

Kind Regards

Raeleen Wren General Manager and Nominated Supervisor Wilston Kids Care (Wilston State School P&C Association)

Wilston Kids Care acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and their continuing connection to land and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures, and to the elders past and present.

We strive to provide quality care in a diverse environment where we respect and treat all stakeholders equally.

IMPORTANT: The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential. They are intended for the named recipient(s) only. If you have received this email by mistake, please notify the sender immediately and do not disclose the contents to anyone or make copies thereof.

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