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Information about all children returning to WKC 25 May 2020

Dear Families,

To prepare for next week 25 May 2020, when all children return to Wilston Kids Care, we have some important information you and your child/ren will need to know to refresh on what to do when returning to the Service.

Before School Care Bag Storage

  • Preps – Grade 1’s bags will be dropped off at B-Block

  • Grade 2 -6 - Bags will be dropped off out the front of the WKC office

Children are to be presented directly to the Educator in the area in order for the child to be added onto the electronic movement roll. This is to ensure the Educator is aware that the child has entered their area and their whereabouts can be accounted for.

Please see a map of the bag storage areas below.

Meeting Points and Bag Storage for After school Care

Where your children will meet for After School Care once the bell rings at 3pm.

  • Preps - Get picked up and signed in from their classrooms and place their bags on the silver seat at Junior Playground

  • Grade 1- Sign in and place their bags at B Block

  • Grade 2- Sign in under E block and place their bags on E Block veranda

  • Grade 3-Sign in under A Block and place bags under A Block

  • Grade 4 – Sign in undercover and place their bags out the front of the WKC office

  • Grade 5 & 6 Sign in at G Block and place their bags on the bags racks outside or G Block (music room)

Please see a map of the bag storage areas below.

Eating Areas for Afternoon Tea

There are 2 eating areas:

  • Preps – Grade 2 – Located in the courtyard garden area across from the library.

  • Grade 3-6 – Located in the area underneath I-Block (next to the Tuckshop)

Signing your child In and Out – Temporary Parent Lounge

Our Parent Lounge has been temporarily relocated to the stage area to ensure effective social distancing practices are in place. Parents must now sign in and out in this new area to reduce the amount of close contact traffic coming in and out of the small office space.

The office door has been locked and parents and visitors cannot enter this way. Look for the signs and arrows pointing to where you enter through the stage door then exit using the backstairs to the undercover area to wait for your child.

Stage process to Call your Child

From 3.30pm there will be a person present on the stage to call your child. Once we have called them, we will ask that you vacate through the back stairs of the stage area and go undercover to wait for your child to arrive. Sometimes children may take a little time to arrive undercover as they may be putting shoes on or have been instructed to pack up and tidy their area before leaving. Please be patient, as children may also be arriving from an area across campus.

When you are waiting in the undercover area, please ensure you are adhering to the social distancing measures in place. Do not group or stand right next to staff or other families make sure to remain 1.5 meters away.

Please refrain from going to the area to pick your child up. This often confuses them as well as the stage person calling over the radio for your child. The stage person is then not aware that you have collected and taken them from the premises.

We are very excited to see all our smiling WKC faces return to the Service. We thank you for your attention to this important matter and look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kind Regards

Raeleen Wren General Manager and Nominated Supervisor Wilston Kids Care (Wilston State School P&C Association)

Phone: 33526753 Mobile: 0432 283 325 Facebook: Email: Website:

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