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Xplor Home Lesson 3: Inviting Hub Guests

All additional contacts who will be picking up your child (even if you have previously listed through My Family Lounge) must now be linked as Hub guests, which can be added through your Home app. This step must be completed so your Authorised contacts can collect or drop off your children. All Hub guests (authorised persons) must be over 18 years of age.

If this person is a Xplor user at this Service or another Service, they must use a different email address and merge their accounts. If the email address is an Outlook or Gmail email address you can solve this issue by adding +1 before the @ (e.g. becomes this will not affect the way they receive emails from Xplor.

All people picking up or dropping off your child (e.g. Grandparent, other parents, relatives, etc.) must either be listed as a parent, guardian, or a Hub guest and will also need to set up their password ready for go live on Monday 24 August 2020.

How to invite a Hub Guest via the Home App

  1. Open the Home App.

  2. Click “Account”.

  3. Click the “Hub Guests” menu item.

  4. Click the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner of the page.

  5. Enter Hub Guest name and email and click “Send Invite”.

  • The hub guest will now have 24 hours to set up their password

Hub Guest Steps

  1. Hub Guest will receive an email to create password (may be marked as junk or spam).

  2. Hub Guest will need to create an Xplor ID by logging in to .

  3. Hub Guest must select “Merge Profiles”. Follow the prompts from there!

If you cannot see/have not received your welcome email please contact our administration team on as soon as possible so we can resend your welcome email.

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