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Our September/October Vacation Care Program 2020 is now live!

The September/October Vacation Care Program is jam-packed with exciting leisure-based activities developed from children’s interests, strengths, and suggestions, as well as feedback from our children, families, and staff.

Attached is the link to our Vacation Care Program for the September/October School Holidays 2020. Please review and book in ASAP so we can plan the roster and purchase all resources necessary for the number of children that will be attending.

We would like all bookings to be made by Friday 18 September 2020 to give us enough time to arrange all things needed for the following week for Vacation Care.

Planned Incursions during Vacation Care

During Vacation Care we have booked a number of external vendors to come into the Service and run exciting educational workshops with the children. These days include an additional fee included into the Program to cover the cost of the incursion. We have booked Street Science, Rick Roser and Silent Disco activities for the children’s enjoyment!

Monday 21 September: Street Science provides captivating and curriculum-aligned school incursions and community entertainment, to excite and engage Australia’s youth! The children will each build a small rocket made from plastic and foam, decorate it, and then head outside to shoot their rockets around.

Monday 28 September: Party Higher offers an artistic form of silent disco in Brisbane with exciting playlists and dance parties for the post-rave generation of kids and youngsters. The Silent Disco includes a Professional DJ, light up headphone stands, LED Limbo bar and a range of party games!

Wednesday 30 September: Rick Roser is running an interactive Indigenous workshop learning how to make traditional fires using sticks, making emu feather hair decorations, learning about the didgeridoo, learning how to throw a boomerang and storytelling.

General Information

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in place, as well as ensuring good health outcomes for all, we have decided not to take the children to any excursion’s this Vacation Care period. All children will be spread out throughout the Wilston State School campus to ensure good social distancing measures are always in place.

Risk Minimisation Measures in place for COVID-19 when attending Wilston Kids Care

  • Anyone (staff and children) who is sick with influenza-like symptoms, even with mild symptoms, must not attend Vacation Care. This measure protects everyone on site. If we suspect your child is unwell or has a temperature, they will be sent home immediately.

  • If a child or staff member becomes ill while they are at Wilston Kids Care, they will be sent home as soon as possible. While awaiting collection by their carer, ideally, the symptomatic child will be cared for in an area that is separated from other children at the Service. This is to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses. Pick up must be immediate to ensure the health and safety of the remaining children and staff.

  • Enhance hygiene practices for staff, children and visitors are in place. Washing hands frequently is the single most effective way to reduce the spread of germs that cause respiratory disease. Alcohol-based hand gel is a suitable alternative. Please sanitise your hands before using the Kiosks and upon entry to the Service.

  • Social distancing measures will be in place during all talk times and mealtimes. We will ensure smaller groups of children are spread out across the campus in various areas for play times.

  • We will ensure robust infection control and cleaning and routine environmental cleaning procedures are in place and are occurring regularly throughout the day.

  • Parent Lounge has been temporarily relocated to the stage area to ensure effective social distancing practices are in place. Parents must now sign in and out in this new area to reduce the amount of close contact traffic coming in and out of the small office space.

Menu Information

The Vacation Care Menu is accessible on the website a week before the holidays start for families to review. Please note, all families must supply adequate morning and afternoon tea sized portions for their child/ren to eat as we do not supply these during Vacation Care.

Wilston Kids Care only provides breakfast (6:30am-7:45am) and lunch (12pm-1pm). If your child does not have Morning Tea or Afternoon Tea parents will be contacted and requested to supply.

How to book Vacation Care?

You can access the Vacation Care Program and instructions on how to book your child in on our website.

How do I book Vacation Care days via the Xplor app?

  1. Open the Xplor Home app

  2. Click on the bookings tab

  3. Click on the relevant day on the calendar

  4. To add a booking click "(+) New" in the top right-hand corner and select 'Booking' in the pop up.

  • Available sessions will be viewable for that day. Select the session you wish to book.

  • Swipe down to bring the calendar back up

  1. For multiple bookings, repeat the process above until all the sessions are selected.

  2. Once selected, click the pram icon in the top right-hand corner to move to the summary screen.

  3. The summary screen will display the name of the child, the sessions being booked at their price, time, and room. If these are incorrect, click the back arrow to correct selections. Once happy with the selections, click 'Request'.

  4. If the sessions have been booked successfully, the next screen will show a 'confirmed' status for the booking. ​​

Sun Safety Reminders

The Service has a strict Sun Safe Policy which needs to be adhered to whilst at Wilston Kids Care. Staff and children are required to wear sun safe hats that protect their face, neck, and ears. Please note: Baseball caps or visors do not provide enough sun protection and therefore are not allowed. Whilst at Wilston Kids Care your child/ren must also wear sun safe clothing (i.e. shirts and/or dresses with a sleeve, please be mindful of capped sleeves) and closed in shoes.

Please click the link below to be redirected to our September/October Vacation Care Program.

Any questions, please contact our administration team via email at or call our office 07 3352 6753

We cannot wait to see you at Vacation Care!

Kind regards,

Wilston Kids Care Management Team

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